Dear Friend,

More than a dozen years ago I envisioned building a network of full-care orphanages in the developing world with a standard far higher than existed. I had witnessed how impoverished these child-warehouses could be when I adopted my own son, Mathew, then ten months of age. His orphanage was so destitute I was asked to leave his tattered t-shirt behind for the next child.

My mother, a child psychologist, encouraged me to bring this vision to life. Later, beginning with my portion of her estate, I created an organization to build small homes for children who had lost their parents to the Tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and a hurricane in Haiti.

After the Tsunami, Orphans International Worldwide expanded our model to include ‘family-care,’ placing children far too numerous for my organization to handle inside their own extended families, providing health care and education to both children and caregivers.

Today, OIWW continues to support children in Indonesia, Haiti, Kenya, Afghanistan – and even the Sudan. Although we continue to support full-care programs for orphaned and abandoned children, we are also doing all that we can to help Ending Orphanages Globally in place of ‘family care.’

Before I began Orphans International Worldwide I realized that I could only do 100% of what I can do. I have done my best to give 100%. Now I am asking you to give what you can.

Make your tax-deductible contribution for OIWW’s children here. 
Or mail a check to our accounting firm,

​N. Cheng & Co., 40 Exchange Place, 12th Fl., New York, N.Y. 10005.
I can’t do it alone. Stand by me. Together, we can End Orphanages Globally.

Jim Luce
Founder & C.E.O.
Orphans International Worldwide

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